2018 Vision Board


It's the beginning of 2018! Time to decide what you want to accomplish this year and a great way of achieving this is by creating a vision board. Your vision board will be a collection of goals and aspirations you want to check off your list throughout the year.   

When creating my vision board I thought deeply about what I want to get done, what will motivate me to be the best me, and where I want to go.  Some things I included were New York City (because I plan to visit soon), quotes to uplift and motivate me, and of course Queen Bey because she's lowkey and still secures that bag! I also included some fashion inspirations and a girl working at her internship in hopes that I obtain one this year. I then found pictures on Tumblr and Google to represent these goals.

I decided to create my vision board on a bulletin board from TJ Maxx that matches my room. One thing I struggle with is being consistent so having the vision board on my wall is becoming my daily motivation. Hopefully this inspires you to create your very own vision board and get stuff done this 2018!