Prince: Life Coach

Mourning a legend. On April 21st, 2016, the musical artist Prince died in his famous Paisley Park compound. The world is honoring Prince with a celebration of his life, truly fitting for the death of such an eclectic, inspiring, and unique figure. Here are four things that we can learn from the life of Prince Rogers Nelson:


1 Remember your roots

Prince was born in Minneapolis, Missouri and never forgot it. He traveled the world throughout his career, but even in his final days, Prince called Minneapolis home. His Paisley Park studio complex, that was lit purple whenever he was there, was located in Missouri.


2 Love your craft and love all of it

Prince symbol guitar

 Eclectic is an understatement. Prince’s creative style derived from any and everywhere. His music united genres and he was known for defying boundaries. When Larry King asked him which genre he fits into in a 1999 CNN interview, the artist stated, “I don’t really like categories.” Besides reaching areas of funk, pop, rock, R&B, and more, he played multiple instruments and enjoyed music from all over the world.








3 Be unapologetic

         "Prince's success in taking on Warner Brothers influenced other artists because he demonstrated that, even at the top of the pinnacle, you could still have a voice.” –Londell McMillan (ABC News)


Contracts in the music industry have caused riffs for years, but when Prince found himself feeling controlled by Warner Brothers, he was not silent. He expressed how being bound by their contract felt by performing with the word “slave” written on his face. He also changed his name to a symbol in protest of Warner Brothers controlling his name, Prince, and any creative output released under that name. In recent years, he has openly criticized the Internet for being another way to easily violate music copyrights.



4 It's okay to color outside the lines

Over the past 50 years, people have used so many words to describe Prince. He was said to be, “different,” “unique,” “outlandish,” and more. He was an eclectic musician and had a sense of style that was always sure to turn heads. Earlier in his career, his music lyrics, androgynous look, and alter ego, “Camille,” showed that he was unafraid of labels and challenged the fine lines that categorized society. Later in life, Prince became a devoted Jehovah’s Witness and vegan and expressed that he was going to be himself no matter what anyone else thought. Prince’s lifestyle reflected how he was proud of being different and even embraced it.