What's Up (Our Unofficial mission statement)

We created Leizey in 2016 with the belief that we can be revolutionaries and trailblazers of social change while also enjoying beauty tutorials, book reviews, and travel blogs. After a few years of a tumultuous cycle of strong commitment and determination (borderline obsession) followed by periods of  us forgetting we even had a website (whoops), we have finally found a balance (mostly). Anyway, Cortney is in charge of fashion & beauty, and Laurel is all about art & books. Culture and Fun is where we collaborate. Now go check it out

Our Official mission statement

(Under construction-possibly indefinitely)

"meet the team"


Cortney is an Apparel & Textiles Major at Kennesaw State University. She loves listening to Beyonce, watching Youtube videos, and keeping you up to date with her favorite fashion & beauty tips and products to keep you looking as flawless as Queen Bey herself. 

Instagram: @_cortdanielle


Laurel is studying Political Science & Studio Art in Atlanta. When she's not reading or painting, you can find her eating cookies, planning her next trip, or binge watching Law and Order: SVU 

Instagram: @laurelawong


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