by Sophia Amoruso


★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆

I really really really wanted to love this book but I just did not. I enjoyed the occasional graphics and the simple read, and I do appreciate Sophia Amoruso's story. However, it seemed like the book was competing with itself about whether it wanted to be a memoir or a self help guide of advice. While she proudly declared that she rose from rock bottom, some of the language she uses seems out of touch with those who have had to be just as (if not more) hardworking, crafty, and intelligent to get to where she is today. That being said, I admire her story and determination, and her desire to share it with young readers who are looking for a believe-in-yourself push of encouragement. 


This is a very simple, easy to read book. 

Read if...

you were ever wondering about the interesting way that NastyGal started.